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This blog is about both scientific, societal/political, and yoga-related issues - individually and considered as different aspects of the same problem/solution. A longer description is found in the first blog entry, and all old posts are found in a structured way here. The blog is an extension of my main home pages and Twitter: @gunnarcedersund

Some of the up-coming events

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Feb 18, 2013 18:10
Here are some of the most important upcoming events at

* On Feb 25, 18-20, there is a new intro lesson, open for all.

* On April 8, 18-20, a new beginners/improvers weekly course starts occurs.

* On Tuesdays 19-21.30 an intermediate/advanced weekly course is already running (sign-up quickly if you want to join)

* On Feb 25, 12.20-12.50, there is a new lunch concert, Beethoven's last movement

Note also the following facts and arrangements by others:
* I will be travelling virtually all of March
* We have started to plan for a new TED-evening, if you want to join the discussions regarding videos and/or dates, join our discussions at rizzoma (there is also a facebook-group)
* I have started to think about dates for an intensive 10-day course this Summer; if you are thinking about coming and have preferences, let me know!
* There is a new contact improvisation weekend in Linköping on May 17-19
* There is a dance week in Linköping on April 22-29
* There is a contact improvisation related show and workshop on March 13

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New blues fusion evening completed

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Feb 13, 2013 23:56
Tonight we have just finished the second blues fusion evening here at
Blues is normally a part of the lindy hop dancing tradition, and is often danced in their societies. However, here we do blue fusion, which means that it is more free, and open for influences from all other dances as well. Many of the people that come have never danced neither lindy hop nor blues before - but they are all really good leaders or followers, and can therefore improvise in a wonderful way anyway. It sort of looks like this:

These evenings are a part of my long term plan of exploring more of the playfulness in dance, and this blues-fusion concept is nice because it still stays within and makes use of all the technique of leading-following that is available within all leading-following dances (salsa, tango, blues, bugg, fox, etc), but that is missing in contact improvisation. However, since this kind of dancing requires quite a lot of skill, I do not think that I will ever include it in any of my yoga-weekends or yoga-retreats. This kind of dance is also a little bit less connected to personal development, somehow: at least not in the same way that I think that contact improvisation is connected to that (it was when I discovered contact improvisation that I felt that I had at last found the missing link that I had been looking for, to complement the yoga with in my upcoming yoga summer retreats).

Next such evening will probably be in April or so, and on a Saturday, and with maybe with some 12-14 people instead of as today: with 8 people. I want to make more use of all the rooms! :)

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I am back! :)

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Feb 11, 2013 20:10
As some of you might have noticed, the home page has been down for quite some time. I meant to write a long post, to say why and explain about all the amazing plans I have for the future, but then I decided that all of that can wait. The important thing is that I am back! :)

But once you are here, don't fail to notice that the intermediate/advanced course starts tomorrow Feb 12, and that there is a new try-out course on February 25, which probably will be followed by a new beginners/improvers course that starts in April. See courses for more info.

To be back with more later...! smiley

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New concert, and TED-, kimpro-, and yoga-evenings, weekends and retreats

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by May 13, 2012 21:59
Here is a little summary of the upcoming events at

* On May 21, there will be a new piano lunch concert in Berzelius-salen. It is time for a new Beethoven-sonata, the Sturm-Sonata! 12.20-12.50, free entrance. More info:

* On May 26, there is a new TED-evening, on the theme "Power and media". 6 sign-ups already, and only about 6 more spaces open, so sign-up now to be sure of a place. More info

* On June 2, we have planned for a kimpro-evening (contact improvisation), which just like last time will be combined with a dinner that starts at 19, and then dancing from around 21-01. See:

* On June 1-3, we will probably have a yoga-weekend. This is for those of you who want to test going a little deeper in an intensive retreat, where different events and processes are combined in a long 48h-sequence. If there is pressure for it, we might change to another weekend later in June.

* On August 12-21, we will have a new edition of the intensive Summer retreats, this time in Sundsvall. This is a more full version of what you get a taste of in the weekend retreat, but you can sign-up independently to either/both of them. Only 3 places left!

Finally, I could also give a tease that I am a part of the arrangement of a very exciting workshop this Autumn, which will be on alternative economies, featuring some very insightful national and international speakers. See, and the links therein for more info on the topic(s).

That's it - sign-up well in advance if you want to be sure to guarantee your own spot, and that the event will take place.

Joy and Inspired Action for all of us.

Gunnar and

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Pub evening to relieve tensions built up under anonymity on the net

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Mar 27, 2012 23:35

At facebook a few weeks ago, I linked to a talk by Tanja Bergkvist, who talked about the backsides of genus-research and its premature and unsound implementations in society, in terms of a growing meaningless bureaucracy, and faked rather than genuine stands and reforms for gender equality. Here is another little blog entry on a related topic, but with a nice twist that relates to the events I am arranging here at, and which also might provide some suggestions for how we can deal with similar problems regarding racism.

First, gender inequality is a topic I am usually not that involved in, and I don't even have any settled opinions on many issues (I do believe, however, that there are gender discriminations in both directions, where men also are discriminated in e.g. child care settlements, even though I think that most discriminations are invisible and structural, and still are to the disadvantage for women, and disadvantegous for the development towards a harmonious society).

In any case, it seems like the debate here in Sweden is rather polarized, with anti-feminists and radical feminists in the two extremes, and where the former sometimes go to rather nasty, even scary, threats - protected by the anonymity of internet. This hatred is often built up in closed circles among (e.g.) anti-feminists, and then spread through comment sections to news paper articles, and on the blogs of the antagonists (e.g. the feminists).

So, to help relieve these tensions, to discharge some built-up net-hatred, and to further some true exchange of ideas to evolve the whole public discourse, some of them decided to arrange a pub-evening. This turned out to be very well-attended, with large gatherings from several different sub-communities, where they sat down and discussed in small mixed groups, over beer, and in apparently friendly tones. I think that this is a very nice initiative, and it is also very similar to the general attitude I have with some of my events here at to combine the best of internet-based discussions with the best of informal face-to-face discussions - and all mixed up with some good food and beverage.

Here are three blog-entries devoted to the same evening (in Swedish). One, by Pelle Billing, who is an not only seemingly sound gender-issue debater, but also a tango-teacher, and by two of the best know antagonists. Tanja Bergkvist also appeared at the event.

Finally, the same phenomenon of built-up net-hatred through anonymity, magnification and radicalization of beliefs through closed internet-forums with only like-minded people, and a frustated and not met dispersion of these throughts into a dysfunctional public discourse, appears also for the growing problem of racism. I therefore think that we should consider if similar social events wouldn't be a good idea also for the equally infected topics of immigration and integration.

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Videos from the TED evening

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Mar 25, 2012 13:40
Yesterday, we had a very nice and inspiring TED-evening. We watched 5 videos while eating some food we had brought. We had a shorter discussion after the third one, and after the last one we discussed into the night...^^ Here is a short summary of the videos we watched:

1. Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government

This is the first one, which is about a new attitude towards government, and governmental problems. It goes back to the original reason for governments, namely to solve things that we cannot solve alone. It then has a look at some specific such problems that have been solved easily, cheaply, and in a new communal way using apps and the internet. In other words, these have been problems where ordinary citizen have been invited to contribute to the solution, by making the process more transparent and open. She also comes with some really to-the-point but still amusingly controversial statements like "we need to make bureaucracy sexy", and "we will not solve government until we re-invent citizenship", etc. A very inspiring and compelling speech - my personal favourite this evening I think.

2. Rick Falkvinge: The Pirate Party, the politics of protest

This is a video by a Swedish guy! :) Rick Falkvinge founded the Pirate Party movement, which was launched just a few years ago, but already has 2 seats in the European parliamens, some 25 seats in the Berlin parliament, and around 200 seats in other parliaments throughout Europe. He talks about this story, and about the issues they are working for. I think that this movement is extremely important, and it can also be seen in the fact that young people are no longer ranking "Sustainability", and "Environment" as top priorities, but "Internet freedom" and "Free speech" as nr 1. This is completely non-understood by most conventional politicians, and the Piraty Party is also the biggest party among the young (it then has >25% of the votes). I personally also think that preserving the free Internet is the most important thing we can do, since through the Internet we can at last devise a working public debate, and it is only through such a working public debate that we can solve all other things as well.

3. Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

This talk was very inspiring to me, because it has found scientific basis for an old spiritual truth: do not seek happiness through successes, but successes through happiness.

4. David Icke: Where is the Love?

David Icke has quite a few controversial views, but he also has some good points, and this video was - I think - one that everybody can watch and enjoy. However, the enjoyment comes in a feeling of "enough is enough, I've had enough of this more fear-mongering now!" And I do think that this feeling of enough is exactly what we need: to be finished with the experience of fear, and to have a an overwhelming hunger for love. Only then will we choose it.

5. Peter Joseph: The Big Question

Interestingly, already in David Icke's talk, he mentioned the issue of money, and that we need to reconsider how money is created, and our overall financial system. It was therefore very fitting to continue and end with the talk of Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist movement. He contrast our economy and culture with one that would work for the earth in 5 very easy-to-follow-and-agree-with points. For instance: we currently optimize profit when constructing things, which usually then break in just a few years. An earth-friendly way of constructing things should instead optimize longevity.

Finally, we decided to have the next TED-evening on April 28, and also to start a facebook-group devoted to these events. That means that the next TED-evening will be part of a yoga-weekend here at, which I think will be very nice.

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Tomorrow it's a new TED-evening!

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Mar 23, 2012 23:24
Tomorrow it is again time for a new TED-evening! :)

I am looking much forward to it. These evenings are exactly that kind of mixture I want to create, where politically engaged people meet yoga-students, so that these two sides in us can merge, heal, and evolve. The TED-evenings are also a merging of the highly inspirational talks that are available for everybody in the virtual world, with the old-fashion 19th century soiree, where people meet at home mixing culture with politics, and where people have a nice time together with new and old friends at the same time as they organise their activities towards a better world.

More info can be found here. Suggestions for inspiring talks (on the topic of "Ideas for a better world, including on how to spread them") are of course welcome also from non-participants! :)

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