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Look at and change the world - with inspiration burning in your heart & yoga in generalPosted by Apr 18, 2012 13:18

As I wrote already in the first blog post, at the heart of is a desire to link the spiritual, bodily, and emotional developments within yoga with a true responsibility for the world and all societal issues and challenges. Too many who play the spiritual game avoid thinking about such real problems, and avoid getting involved in the games of power in the world. And similarly, the people who are in power, and who see the problems in the world head on, are too often without sufficient empathy and emotional insight to change the world in a sound direction.

I feel myself that this business of attempting to change the world has a clear danger associated to it: that you might end up being the one who is changed, instead of the world. By looking too deeply at problems, and by focusing too much on making other people “wake up” to seeing and responding to all these problems, it is very easy to get caught in a feeling of frustration, anger – with the world, and with all other people who are not acting as you think they should. This goes together with the problem of getting caught too long on the internet, so that you spiral away from a feeling of inspiration and wellness in your body.

Here I should explain that I think that a feeling of thriving inspiration is utterly important for accomplishing things. This is really at the heart of my own world-view, and it is a long standing spiritual principle, even though science is also starting to explore these directions lately. For those of you are into (or at least can read) the first type of these writings, I could for instance point to Jesus, who says in Matthew 6:33 that “Seek first the kingdom of God, and then all other things shall be given to you as well”. And the kingdom of God is – in my view – only a place of ultimate happiness. Another spiritual teacher who is alive today is Esther Hicks/Abraham, and their only doctrine is that your distance from a feeling/vibration of thriving happiness is the only thing that determines whether you are moving towards what you want, or away from it. For those of you who do not like that kind of texts (some of you might even be deeply offended by such texts), I could point to for instance the above TED video, which says that the best way to accomplish things in your work, is to be happy while working. I believe that this also holds for changing other people: if you are attacking them with accusations and problems, they are likely to look away from you and shut what you say out from their awareness as much as they can; if you instead approach them with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for who they are, and try to find the place in them that can share your vision of an amazing future, you are much more likely to get them on your side.

My recipe for changing the world is therefore the following:

i) First find a place of wellness and thriving inspiration, in whatever way you can do that (listening to music/talks, reading inspiring books/poems, taking a walk in nature, playing tennis – whatever works for you)

ii) Then approach all aspects of the world, including those that could be described as problematic (poverty, homelessness, ecological collapses, power-hungry politicians, oppressing tyrants, ignorant media, etc). However, as you do that, do not focus on the problems in an attacking way, but instead try to use them to get a clearer picture of what kind of world you actually want (a relief for the people who are now homeless, a world where homelessness can only be found in museums, a world where a responsible media is channeling the voice of the people while also scrutinizing and helping those in power to do a better job, a world where we use our technology to live in harmony with nature, etc)

iii) When you have focused so long on the problems that you feel depressed, attacking, bad, imbalanced; when you have stayed online so long that you are looking for things to attack and complain about; when you look to the world and other people for signs of improvements, and forget that you are the most important such sign; then stop it! Just turn off the computer, and do something else.

iv) Try then to gradually move back to a sense of empowerment and inspiration, or – alternatively – distract yourself with something else, go to sleep, so that when you come back and wake up, you can choose anew which vibration you want to be in. In other words, go back to step 1.

This is a recipe that I just some 2-3 days ago realized as a very natural answer to a growing feeling of imbalance that I have been feeling more and more while engaging myself in internet activism in the last year or two. It will be interesting to see how it works out in practice!

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