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Jan Johansson - documentary, transcriptions, and some lesser known recordings

music, dancing, creativityPosted by Jan 16, 2015 00:48
I have mentioned it before - Jan Johansson is one of my favorite pianists, and I have been dreaming for a long time about finding a detailed transcriptions to his record "Jazz på svenska". Now I have found it. Today is a happy day!

I found the transcription on youtube, where some friendly soul had used his talent do write down what Jan Johansson plays, note by note, and then just published the for free, for anybody to download. This is what internet can do! This is what we can do for each other, what we already do do for each other, when we are free to create whatever we wish.

Even more! I also found a documentary about Jan Johansson! I have just seen the first few minutes, and I am now eagerly looking forward to watching it in full when I find the time.

Now I need to sleep, however, But first a few links so that you too can see what it is I am talking about. Happy dreams!



First a youtube-clip so that you can hear the record Jazz på svenska. It is one of the most beautiful - and one of the most Swedish - things I know!

Here is the documentary I mentioned

And finally a few other, lesser known, songs.

The internet is an amazing place. So much wonderful things are happening all the time. You just need to be in the right vibration, to make sure that you look in all the right places. I wish for this blog to be such a place.

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