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The steps involved in choosing a new life strategy

karma yoga: life and workPosted by Apr 20, 2012 00:02

Yesterday I wrote about a new strategy that I am trying out for how one can change the world, without losing yourself in all the problems, so that you are the one who is changed, instead of the world. A few hours ago, I published a link on facebook, which I posted while being pretty tired, and commenting on a particular news article that had upset me. While posting it, I could feel that I was sending out frustration and anger, exactly as I had said yesterday that I would stop doing, because it is such a bad strategy - and because it doesn't speak of who I am. I therefore went home and ate, listened to some music, did some yoga, and in various ways changed my vibration for the better. Thereafter, I felt inspired to overwrite my previous thought, and therefore posted a new version on the same topic: according to my new inspiration. I will post these two versions as well here, in the sub-sequent blog entry. Now, however, I want to fill in a little bit more concerning my thoughts on how changes of this nature – from one life strategy to another – usually play out. Perhaps these observations might also be of help to some other.

First you feel that something is wrong with your normal way of doing things. This makes you start to think about this, which leads to associations, i.e. that you attract and look out for similar thoughts – without and within. Eventually this means that you start to talk with others about it. Somewhere here you would probably come up with a new action-plan, which you eventually even might publically announce (as I did yesterday). Then there is a period when you don’t really follow your own advice, which is pretty annoying. Nevertheless, this is a step forward, because you now notice the difference between what you do, and what you could do. This is the phase I am in now. This is a frustrating phase, but this frustration is also an indicator of your rise of awareness, even though this awareness doesn’t show in your actions yet. Anyway, eventually, gradually, you start to choose the right thing more and more; first with great effort and hesitation, and then with more and more self-confidence. This goes on until a peak is reached, and your new choice requires less and less effort. Then it is soon only sometimes that you need to effortlessly correct yourself, when you occasionally have slipped back again. At this stage, the process doesn’t take any more of your energy, and you are fully released for other processes.

In any case, in the phase I am in now – with respects my new strategy of not complaining and attacking problems, but approaching them with a sense of light and inspiration – I am still bound to slip back quite often. However, a good strategy for moving passed this phase, in my experience, is to then use the method called “think again”. If you think a though belonging to your old strategy: think again, with the corresponding thought from your new strategy.

And here is an example of such a new thought (with the old thought in the comment)

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