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New concert, and TED-, kimpro-, and yoga-evenings, weekends and retreats

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by May 13, 2012 21:59
Here is a little summary of the upcoming events at

* On May 21, there will be a new piano lunch concert in Berzelius-salen. It is time for a new Beethoven-sonata, the Sturm-Sonata! 12.20-12.50, free entrance. More info:

* On May 26, there is a new TED-evening, on the theme "Power and media". 6 sign-ups already, and only about 6 more spaces open, so sign-up now to be sure of a place. More info

* On June 2, we have planned for a kimpro-evening (contact improvisation), which just like last time will be combined with a dinner that starts at 19, and then dancing from around 21-01. See:

* On June 1-3, we will probably have a yoga-weekend. This is for those of you who want to test going a little deeper in an intensive retreat, where different events and processes are combined in a long 48h-sequence. If there is pressure for it, we might change to another weekend later in June.

* On August 12-21, we will have a new edition of the intensive Summer retreats, this time in Sundsvall. This is a more full version of what you get a taste of in the weekend retreat, but you can sign-up independently to either/both of them. Only 3 places left!

Finally, I could also give a tease that I am a part of the arrangement of a very exciting workshop this Autumn, which will be on alternative economies, featuring some very insightful national and international speakers. See, and the links therein for more info on the topic(s).

That's it - sign-up well in advance if you want to be sure to guarantee your own spot, and that the event will take place.

Joy and Inspired Action for all of us.

Gunnar and

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