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This blog is about both scientific, societal/political, and yoga-related issues - individually and considered as different aspects of the same problem/solution. A longer description is found in the first blog entry, and all old posts are found in a structured way here. The blog is an extension of my main home pages and Twitter: @gunnarcedersund

I am back! :)

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Feb 11, 2013 20:10
As some of you might have noticed, the home page has been down for quite some time. I meant to write a long post, to say why and explain about all the amazing plans I have for the future, but then I decided that all of that can wait. The important thing is that I am back! :)

But once you are here, don't fail to notice that the intermediate/advanced course starts tomorrow Feb 12, and that there is a new try-out course on February 25, which probably will be followed by a new beginners/improvers course that starts in April. See courses for more info.

To be back with more later...! smiley

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