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New blues fusion evening completed

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Feb 13, 2013 23:56
Tonight we have just finished the second blues fusion evening here at
Blues is normally a part of the lindy hop dancing tradition, and is often danced in their societies. However, here we do blue fusion, which means that it is more free, and open for influences from all other dances as well. Many of the people that come have never danced neither lindy hop nor blues before - but they are all really good leaders or followers, and can therefore improvise in a wonderful way anyway. It sort of looks like this:

These evenings are a part of my long term plan of exploring more of the playfulness in dance, and this blues-fusion concept is nice because it still stays within and makes use of all the technique of leading-following that is available within all leading-following dances (salsa, tango, blues, bugg, fox, etc), but that is missing in contact improvisation. However, since this kind of dancing requires quite a lot of skill, I do not think that I will ever include it in any of my yoga-weekends or yoga-retreats. This kind of dance is also a little bit less connected to personal development, somehow: at least not in the same way that I think that contact improvisation is connected to that (it was when I discovered contact improvisation that I felt that I had at last found the missing link that I had been looking for, to complement the yoga with in my upcoming yoga summer retreats).

Next such evening will probably be in April or so, and on a Saturday, and with maybe with some 12-14 people instead of as today: with 8 people. I want to make more use of all the rooms! :)

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