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Waking up from yoga with Emily Bear

music, dancing, creativityPosted by Feb 19, 2013 22:50
Today I did something I have never done before: end a yoga-session by playing some music.

It was after a session was over with my wonderful intermediate/advanced class, when we had just woken up from a class with unusually much meditation, and we were roaming around in the room without saying anything to each other, that I suddenly got the urge: "This moment would really benefit from some music".

So I turned on the wonderful "Once upon a wish", by Emily Bear, which is one of my favourite pieces of music, and which also starts so slowly and dreamy, that it almost feels like a musical representation of the process of waking up - at least in the beginning. was a very nice feeling - which seemed to have sent both them and me off in a very nice mode.

I think that this urge of mine comes from a recent realization that what is the same inbetween a deep meditation-state of no-thoughts, and an inspired karma yoga state of enlightened activity is the absense of resistance. Therefore, even though it is true that there is a problem with listening to music when you want to free yourself from old thought-patterns and old emotional patterns, as you want to do in meditation (and in intensive yoga-processes/retreats), once you wake up it is a good idea to consciously choose freedom-of-resistance thoughts as the first thoughts that enter your mind. And Emily's music is one of the most light-filled thoughts I know of.

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