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A political celebration day!

politicsPosted by Mar 01, 2013 17:22

Picture from today, taken by me from within the taxi, driving on 9e de Julio, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina a few hours ago. And, while we were driving into the city centre, the taxi-driver said that there will be lots of chaos and people downtown today, because they today have a national holiday. The holiday is there to celebrate the political progress in the country, and on this day the president gives something that seemed to correspond to the US state of the union speech, i.e. a speech where she(!) outlines the future directions she want to take the country in during the next year(s).

There were two things that struck me about this. First, there were actually a lot of people on the streets, and in buses, and cars, etc; waving flags, banderolls, pictures, etc. It was truly like a national holiday, or sort of like when school ends for the year in Sweden. The second thing that struck me was that it was a political celebration. They were actually making a sort of pro-government demonstration. I wonder when we did that the last time in Sweden? The U.K. guys with whom I shared the cab remarked the same thing: "we only have demonstrations against things, and against the policies of the government - I don't think I have ever seen a pro-government rally like this before".

Somehow, this fact in itself gives me the feeling of being in a developing country in the best sense of that word: in a country that is actually concerned with, and proud of, its current ongoing developments. (see also the video above about the importance of moving away from our thinking of ourself as "developed") It was also apparent from talking to the taxi driver that he was proud of what was going on in his country at the moment, and of his president. I will try to absorb some of that "pro-political" energy while here, and bring it back home to Scandinavia!

Picture from today, taken by me from within the taxi, driving on 9e de Julio, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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