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More on structural problems and illegal immigrants: two important documentaries

politicsPosted by Mar 20, 2013 02:12
I have just written a long post on my facebook page, after having listened to a program on how illegal immigrants, in this case children, are living their life in Sweden. It is incredible listening, well-done investigative journalism, and almost impossible not to want to act afterwards. I have always believed in the yoga/pratyahara principle of observation transformation. Look at a problem, and truly see it, and it will transform you and itself in front of your eyes. Let's let a deep contemplation of this problem transform us into joyful action-oriented people! On this issue, much improvement can be done, and let's use all our available tools to do it!

And...regarding this: a very important action is to just get involved in what the structural problems in our global society are. An overview of some of the most important of these can be found in this important and easy-to-understand documentary, which I also watched earlier today.

And if you can read Swedish, the facebook post and links to more information and suggestions for actions can be found here.

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