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Connecting Europe through screens, learning from Iceland's handling of banks

politicsPosted by Apr 02, 2013 19:07
Three inspiring short samples from the News flow of today:

I) Connect cities and people in Europe through large screens

This is a new project and vision, created by three Belgian guys about having large-scale screens situated in all major cities in Europe, which are being connected 2-by-2 so that people in different parts of Europe can talk to each other, have meetings, concerts, discussions, etc etc across Europe. It's a short video, so please have a look, and - if you like it - click on like and thus support the project. I love the idea of connecting people through technology in new ways, and therefore say: Let's first implement and test this in Europe, then expand it to the world! Could you imagine to be connected to citiies and people that you have prejudies about, US and Iran, cities in Africa, to see for yourself the situation in Greece with your own eye, etc etc. The potential and possibilites are endless.

II) Learning from Icelands handling of the banks

In 2008, Iceland had, just like many other countries have today, a big big banking crises. However, unlike most other countries, they did not listen to the austerity, emergency-loan, privatization strategy of IMF and the rest of the gang, but simply let the banks go bankrupt, and instead cared for the citizen. This has led to a situation where a) the relationship between politicians and the general public is better than before (compared to e.g. in Greece, where it is worse than ever!) b) The economy quickly recovered after just 2-3 hard years, and it is now on the plus side again, c) Many of the most intelligent people, who previously worked within the banking sector, have now started up new businesses, and they have e.g. a growing and fluorishing IT-sector, which they did not have before. d) etc etc.

In other words - this is a stunning example of how one also can do, to face a crises. I think that we would do so well, to spread awareness of this strategy, and bring some hope and variation of options into the current crises mentality. Things might actually go well, if we just use the current energy to some working solution.

III) Brave icelandic woman, MP and Wikileaks-supporter to go to the US

The last story is another inspirational story from Iceland, i.e. from a country that has approx 300 000 inhabitants! It is about a woman who is member of parliament, and involved in the Wikileaks and internet debates that are ongoing all over the world, but which leads to perhaps the worst developments within the US. Their cyber-surveillance and laws diminishing the rights of ordinary citizen are being worsened in a rapid tempo. Therefore, she will go to the US, to raise some awareness and to see, in her own words:

"once and for all, if the fear that has been spread around is real on not. Fear is not a good thing to carry in life :)"

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