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Tomorrow it's a new TED-evening!

events/courses at yoga-link.sePosted by Mar 23, 2012 23:24
Tomorrow it is again time for a new TED-evening! :)

I am looking much forward to it. These evenings are exactly that kind of mixture I want to create, where politically engaged people meet yoga-students, so that these two sides in us can merge, heal, and evolve. The TED-evenings are also a merging of the highly inspirational talks that are available for everybody in the virtual world, with the old-fashion 19th century soiree, where people meet at home mixing culture with politics, and where people have a nice time together with new and old friends at the same time as they organise their activities towards a better world.

More info can be found here. Suggestions for inspiring talks (on the topic of "Ideas for a better world, including on how to spread them") are of course welcome also from non-participants! :)

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