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Immigrant integration through singing

music, dancing, creativityPosted by Apr 09, 2013 09:40
Many nations, especially in the west, are having active and quite heated immigration debates, where the levels of allowed immigration are intensly debated. A common factor in the arguments regarding where those levels should lie concern integration. "If we cannot improve integration, we cannot keep letting more and more people in", is a common statement. And most people seem to agree on that: the level of integration - i.e. how easily new people can become an integrated and harmonious part of our society - is an utterly important factor for determining how much immigration we can cope with.

Despite this, there are very seldom any debates on *how* this improved integration should be achieved, and there are even more seldom reports of *positive examples* of well-functioning integration.

In this radio clip (in Swedish) they show such a positive example. In one of the most immigration dense suburbs of Stockholm, they have started a female choir, which is intended for women who are home and isolated, so that they should have a place to go to; a place to have fun, and a place to learn Swedish.
In other words, here they sing together, spend time together, and almost automatically learn about Sweden, its culture, and the Swedish language. I used to sing a lot during some years of my life, and I can certainly testify that it has many positive effects: you easily feel a sense of community with the other people in your choir, and the act of (non-abashed) singing almost automatically releases big chunks of joy into your body.

More such examples are needed. Kudos to "Studio ett" for bringing it up!

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