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My new crush: a full-size Steinway :)

music, dancing, creativityPosted by Jun 26, 2013 00:49

A picture of my new lover. As you can see it is much longer than a normal grand piano, as you find them in churches, etc. This is a full-size version, which you normally only find in big concert halls.


As I wrote in the last post, I have started to play more piano now, since the summer period has started (I am not on vacation, but work is nevertheless much more relaxed during the summer, and I therefore usually increase my playing from 1-2h/day to perhaps 2-5h/day). This has led me to start dreaming about better pianos: most importantly in the place where I give my lunch concerts, but also in general. Yesterday, this dreaming started to manifest itself – big time!

By a chance, I yesterday met the old piano tuner emeritus here in Linköping, Harry Olsson. It turned that he had been involved in the acquirement of a new grand piano - a full-size grand Steinway! – in Wallenbergsalen, which is the main chamber music hall here in Linköping. This piano will be formally opened to the public in August, during Östergötlands musikdagar, but it is already at place. And – most importantly – Harry said that somebody needs to play on it during the summer, so that it becomes more stable, and “played in”. I of course directly volunteered as such a person, and as of today, I (as the only pianist) have a formal permission, even an encouragement, to play at this piano – as often as I can!

I sat for about 2 hours earlier today, before going to Stockholm over the evening, and it was truly an experience. It is completely new, and truly a master piece. In a way, it is almost like a super-advanced space ship I heard of once in a book by Isaac Asimov: it feels like it can read my mind. It can catch the slightest differences in intention, and manifests them perfectly. This is of course amazing, but it is also very revealing – if something doesn’t sound quite as I like it, I have to look at my mind, and see what it is I really am seeking to manifest. I can now see my thoughts manifested in the music around me, more clearly than ever before.

This is a bit like my life, nowadays, actually. But that’s another story! :)

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