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Celebrate what's right with the world

karma yoga: life and workPosted by Aug 08, 2013 19:24

I just encountered a short little video, of 22 minutes, which made me happy and inspired, and made me want to share it with you as well. It is called "Celebrate what is right with the world", and it is about insights made by a renowned photographer from National Geographics. Here is a link to it, and as you see there is a whole home page around it, which probably is worth checking out as well.

Some quotes (as I remember them):

"Do you have a 6-word vision that you can say to your self in the morning? When that vision is clear, energy and creativity will come by themselves"

"Find what is right with a situation, and seek to magnify it"

"We need to move from scarcity and competition, to celebration and enjoyment"

"You cannot control the wave of change. But in change great possibility is born, and you can learn to ride that wave - by staying open to the unexpected"

"The change between a good picture and a great one is often just a few inches or a few seconds away"

"I wanted to go from seeking to be the best in the world, to being the best for the world!"

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