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Yesterday told by a few short quotes

karma yoga: life and workPosted by Aug 26, 2013 14:05
In the present times you are given less and less leeway in your previously more acceptable sloppy thinking. Even tiny thoughts out-of-alignment will now more and more quickly spiral you completely out of balance. Like a car that is driving faster and faster: you can reach further and further, but it gets more and more critical to not spiral off the road and hit a tree.

For the same reason, negative thoughts will more and more quickly manifest as physical imbalances.

When you only have access to negative thoughts, looking for no thoughts in the Now is the best option. It is always an option.

Out of a firmly established state of no thoughts, only positive thoughts can be born.

Because of your high speed, physical imbalances will quickly re-adjust themselves when your thinking comes into balance again.

Sleeping is a wonderful thing.

Rediscovering Kriya Yoga, to rediscover the whole long 4h Kriya Yoga meditation, when you haven't done it in a while, is like remembering that you have the keys to heaven, and the keys to a state full of wonder and energy. Energy to do things!

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