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Attraction - telling the story of their lives in shadows

music, dancing, creativityPosted by Nov 23, 2013 21:26

I don't know if you know already, but this year's edition of Britain's got talent was won not by a singer, as has been the case previous years, but by a...shadow performance group from Hungary! This illustrates so nicely that it is not the medium of expression that decides how good a show is, but only ONLY the quality of it. Our lives have some basic components - you are born, you grow up and learn about life, you fall in love, dance, have sex and kids, until one day you die and your kids take over after you - and these components can be depicted in any medium you so desire. And when it is done well, it is touching, because it touches those general core components that exists within all of us.

The name of this group is "Attraction", and in the above video you see their audition performance.
In the below video you see their second performance, which is equally remarkable.

I discovered this group and these two videos for real only yesterday, and I am really happy that I did so. Not only because the videos are really touching, but because it is so inspirational to see how a group of inspired young adults can put their hearts and minds together into some devoted focused work to create something this remarkable and uplifting. And it doesn't matter where they come from in the world. The only thing that matters is the quality of your creation, and the intent by which you put it out there to others.

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