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Commercial: why seek a better world, why lead a better life - what's the incentive?

karma yoga: life and workPosted by Apr 12, 2014 21:09
Sometimes you say that if you should ask somebody about how the human psyche works, you shouldn't ask an economist, you shouldn't ask a psychologist, and you shouldn't ask a sociologist. They might know, but quite often they have theories, that are more theories for their own sake, rather than useful and thruthful descriptions of how our minds and emotions actually work. Who then should you ask? The answer is, as so often: follow the money. Who makes money on understanding the human mind, and what makes us tick, and fails to make money if their theories are wrong? Commercial-makers. Indeed, commercials can often be quite trivial, and sometimes down-right annoying, only trying to make you buy something you don't want, by making you feel bad about yourself as you are. But sometimes they are also spot on inspired, and wonderfully inspiring. Below are a few such latter commercials. Who make you want to change, and do the right thing. To grow and dare and think.

Please enjoy! :)

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